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Considering that I recently expressed my disappointment with WAR and my agreement with many other bloggers that gamers these days are probably more interested in playing multiple MMOs rather than sticking to just one, it’s with some relevance that I post that the Free Realms NDA has been lifted.  Cuppycake, a well-known blogger in the game world and author of Cuppytalk, has an excellent write-up of the game already posted.

I haven’t been paying much attention to Free Realms, but Cuppycake’s post has got me interested.  I’m anxious to see whether I enjoy this game, considering that it sounds like it will appeal to fluff-loving casual gamers (a group that I consider myself a part of, at least in spirit).  Cuppycake admits that her boyfriend is a designer for the game, but her review seems objective.  When does this thing launch again?


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  1. I’ve got a beta account and I’ve played a bit of it. It’s a pretty fun game, though I honestly wonder how engaging it’s going to be for adults who don’t have children (old enough to play with them) to want to play on their own.

    I also wonder how big of an effect the RMT side will have. It’s one thing to have a low monthly fee ($5) but if you end up NEEDING to RMT things for whatever reason it starts to eat away at your cash . . . I’d rather pay a full sub (12-15) than have to RMT for 20 on top of my 5 each mkonth just to keep up with the Joneses.

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