March 21, 2009

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a secondary blog for a while.  On my primary blog, I write about Warhammer Online.  It’s a game that I love and hope to play for a while, but I recognize that eventually I will stop playing.  When that happens, my blog, hosted by the blogwarhammer server, will no longer be relevant.  I have come to love blogging, though, and want to continue doing so even after I’ve stopped writing about WAR.  For this reason, I’ve decided to finally establish a secondary, more general blog.

Girl Unplugged is a reference to the name by which most of my readers know me, Girl IRL.  Since this blog will focus more on my personal life and my interests outside of the WAR online community, I am thinking of it as a more unplugged, logged-off experience.  Expect posts that are somewhat more personal in nature than what I write on my WAR blog and that are unapologetic.  When I write on Girl IRL, I write as part of a community of bloggers and players, with an emphasis on positive and honest communication about the game we play.  Here, however, I am just me — a girl sharing her views and opinions about her world, a Girl Unplugged.